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Grain prices26/06/2014

Пшеница 3 класса (кл.23%)9 095
Пшеница 4 класса8 800
Продовольственная рожь5 670
Фуражная пшеница8 420
Фуражный ячмень6 345
Подсолнечник13 600
Пшеничная мука в/c14 145

Weather in Ufa26/06/2014

Exchange Rates CBR26/06/2014

UMG - united meat group


Bashkir Grain Company

BASHKIR GRAIN COMPANY is a fast-growth agro-industrial company which forms part of the holding entity OJSC “United Meat Group”. We have been carrying out the production activities since 2012. The company's land assets are located in the natural and climatic areas of Bashkortostan which have good soil and favorable climatic and agrotechnological conditions for crop farming. The basis of the material and technical resources of the enterprise includes modern and efficient agricultural machinery, equipment and motor transport.

We do our best to make the most use of the successful management and technical expertise of the leading Russian and foreign companies to ensure high efficiency of the primary production. We are focused on mutually beneficial cooperation with all the concerned parties, partners and customers.