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Grain prices26/06/2014

Пшеница 3 класса (кл.23%)9 095
Пшеница 4 класса8 800
Продовольственная рожь5 670
Фуражная пшеница8 420
Фуражный ячмень6 345
Подсолнечник13 600
Пшеничная мука в/c14 145

Weather in Ufa26/06/2014

Exchange Rates CBR26/06/2014

UMG - united meat group

Company presentation

Bashkir Grain Company is represented by JSC "Management Company "Bashkir Grain Company" and LLC "Bashkir Grain Company".

JSC "Management Company "Bashkir Grain Company" (formerly known as ZAO (CJSC) "Bashkir Grain Company") was founded in 2012. It forms part of the holding entity OJSC "United Meat Group". It is the principal lessee of the land assets.

LLC "Bashkir Grain Company" (formerly known as "LLC Named after Zhukov") was founded in 2006. It is a subsidiary of JSC "Management Company "Bashkir Grain Company" (100%). It was acquired in January 2013 by means of reacquisition of participating interests in the charter capital from the original owners. It is an operating manufacturing company.

The core business of the companies is crop farming, they specialize in production of cereal crops, leguminous crops and oilseeds. We produce and sell such traditional crops as wheat, rye, triticale, barley, sunflower, as well as relatively new and promising ones for the region: chickpeas and spring colza. The products are also used for meeting the internal requirements of the enterprises which form the holding entity OJSC "United Meat Group": ZAO (CJSC) "Bashkir Broiler Chicken", ZAO (CJSC) "Rayevsky Elevator", ZAO (CJSC) "Bread Depot No.67".

The production sites are located in Alsheyevsky and Yermekeyevsky Districts of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The basis of the material and technical resources of the enterprise includes modern and efficient agricultural machinery, equipment and motor transport. Selection of the most sophisticated and reliable equipment is due to the necessity of transition to resource-saving technologies, cost minimization and manufacture of products which meets the needs of today's market in terms of volume, quality and range.

Strict adherence to the manufacturing technique is an absolute priority in the work. We use the minimum and no-till technologies which ensure the possibility of increasing the production efficiency by reducing the operating costs (fuels and lubricants, salaries), protect from wind erosion and enable to preserve moisture. Particular attention is paid to reasonable and environmentally safe use of mineral and organic fertilizers, this being a condition for preservation and improvement of soil fertility and the basis for high-yielding and stable crops.